#3 - 10 Days in Saigon

From tourist attractions to local hangouts and restaurants serving delicious food, come along for the ride in our 10-week series. 10 Days, 10 friends, 1 city, 1 wheelchair: this is 10 Days in Saigon


In February 2016, Kunho and Sam set out to make a travel series in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The 10-week web series follows a cast of local residents traveling with series creators Kunho Kim (producer) and Samuel R. Mendez (director). Each "Day" corresponds to a few episodes per week which incorporate local views of popular sites in Saigon. These episodes end with Kim and Mendez explaining what makes each site wheelchair accessible (or not).

TRAVEL FilmFest 2017, Official Selection. We Care Film Fest 2017, Official Selection.

10 Days in Saigon was directed by Samuel R. Mendez.
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